All of our e-mail services are bundled with mail scanning and filtering using the MailScanner/SpamAssassin filtering software.

We feel this system is essential to protect your business from unwanted mail. In a one week period an average work load for just one of our servers is over 20,000 e-mails, with over 55% of those received being blocked as junk or dangerous mail.

This system uses international blacklists to quickly recognise systems known to generate SPAM e-mail's. This allows us to react quickly to possible attacks on systems by blocking out known abusive systems. Additionally, by using complex phising algorythms we can also filter mail based on content to further limit the amount of unwanted e-mail you receive.

The system also works with the most up to date anti-virus systems to prevent harmful attachments from reaching your computer systems. We also implement file type protection, blocking known harmful file types and excessive file sizes to prevent your e-mail system grinding to a halt through attacks of this nature.

Use our Contact Us form or call us on 0845 4583939 to see how our secure systems can best help your business control your e-mail services.

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