We can offer a range of e-mail hosting solutions, allowing you access to your mail, contacts and calenders where-ever you are.

We can offer a range of services tailored to suit your individual business needs. Including using well known systems such as Microsoft Exchange, down to our own bespoke linux based e-mail systems.

These systems are available as both hosted remotely, giving you minimal outlay and maximum portability, or we can provide your own dedicated server, giving you security and control over your own data and e-mails and greater flexibility in what your e-mail system can do for you.

We have a strong anti-spam policy here too, meaning that any e-mails being sent into or from our systems are filtered for possible spam or virus content. We use a number of filters to ensure that only genuine e-mails are passed through our systems to protect our customers, and yours.

To find out which of these options best fits your needs, please get in touch for our advice

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