CoverPlus Finance was formed just prior to the turn of the century as an aid to our clients who were suffering the effects of obsolescence caused by the ever increasing acceleration in technological advancements.

We recognised the need for our clients to maintain their competitive edge through the employment of efficient and cost effective IT solutions yet maintaining control of the potential of spiralling IT costs.

CoverPlus Finance Ltd brings the end user a solution whereby IT resources are targeted sensibly and levels continuously maintained through the utilisation of our highly experienced IT partners MSDL Ltd.. Through the implementation of easy, low cost monthly payments CoverPlus ensures that there are no hidden shocks as all hardware is covered for full on-site maintenance maintaining simple budget controls.

Dont forget also, each and every CoverPlus agreement is formulated to the users' specific requirement. When we use the phrase "Your IT Business Partner" we try to mean precisely that. We aim to provide a service second to none, which acts as a seemless extension to your own business. Effectively becoming your own outsourced IT department.

So if you want low cost financing, with 100% tax relief, and the IT solution you need, get in touch! Better still register via the "Contact Us" page for future releases of any newsletters from CoverPlus Finance Ltd!

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