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At MSDL we provide Hardware and Software support for customers across the North West

Our Engineers are trained and equipped to deal with problems on any number of systems, ranging from the latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, all the way back to even before the days of MS-DOS.

Support doesnt stop with just Microsoft software, we can cater for Unix systems and Apple products, as well as a host of smart phones and internet services!

Our Hardware support benefits not only from our experience, but we keep stock of a large number of older, out-dated equipment for repairing those critical systems that you can't afford to lose!

If your having problems with your computer systems, call us on 0845 458 3939.


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One of our most prominent services is a broad range of hardware support. Many high street repair shops focus on fixing the visible problem, but 9 times out of 10 it is caused by a fault you can't see. We don't agree with just making the problem go away.

Our highly trained engineers will test each and every component in turn, routing out the source of your computer troubles.

Our work isn't just limited to computers either. We have engineers that specialise in computer, laptop and server repairs, as well as those who focus on printers, network switches and routers, or even mobile devices. Many of our engineers also specialise in working with legacy equipment.


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Sometimes the problems don't come from a physical problem with the computer, but with the applications loaded on it. But just because it's a software fault does not mean that it causes you any less of a problem.

Thats why we offer Application Support, this can range from repairing errors within a program to training in its use, or even bespoke software development. 

Of course with the vast range of software applications out there, no-one can promise to be an expert in every program and every version of a program, but amongst our staff we have many decades of experience in application development and we will draw on our full resources and those of our partners to provide you with the assistance you require.


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With the rise of easy access to the internet, the need to wait for an engineer to visit you has also diminished. In many instances, system faults can be rectified remotely by our support team. 

We also acknowledge how daunting it can be when a support line directs you to stange websites and asks you to install unknown programs. Thats why our support applications are all based here, on

For further piece of mind, you should see a padlock in the address bar - this shows you that you are connected securely to our website, and your connections to us are encrypted. Your security and privacy is our utmost concern.

Mobile Devices

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Whilst we can not provide Mobile Phone services, Smart Phones rely on many secure based internet and computer systems. This we are more than capable of providing.

We can provide and configure your systems to allow you to connect your Smart Phones remotely to your business systems.

Many common features of Smart Phones :

  • Sync your Business E-mail, wherever you are
  • Sync your Business Contacts, wherever you are
  • Sync your Business Calander, wherever you are
  • Sync your Business Files, wherever you are


Your server provides the key to your business, managing your e-mails, database systems, web sites, company documents, accounts and so much more.

Thats why it is important to make sure that your server systems are properly maintained.

It's not just the hardware that is at risk of course, that is why all our staff are trained in maintaining, installing and managing a wide array of Microsoft Servers. We have been providing Microsoft based servers since NT 4.0 (1996).

But that isn't to say we're stuck in the past!

Our engineers keep up to date with the latest releases from Microsoft, including the latest Windows Server 2016 and the most current Fedora builds.